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About Us




"Putting Your Finger on Your Ouches" is designed to touch your life wounds.  We have services to aid when the mask, cover up and self-medication no longer fix generational behavior cycles, lingering childhood pain, hurt, rejection and abandonment,and  transition challenges.

 We provide workshops, life coaching, and support groups.





Regina Littlejohn is a certified Professional Life Coach. She obtained a Bachelor of Social Work from

Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University and a Masters of Social Work from Florida State University. She served in the U.S. Air Force for six years.

She has worked in the social service profession for over 20 years, as an outpatient/family intensive therapist, women and girl's group facilitator, curriculum designer, women & children's case manager, GED, parenting & anger management  instructor, crisis management adviser, and the creator of "Putting Your Finger on Your Ouch" a program geared to identify cycles of behavioral patterns & attitudes that stagnates one's emotional wellness, life accomplishments, and healthy family dynamics.  

Regina worked for seven years with the state program, Florida Self-Directed Care as a certified Life Coach. 

She helped hundreds of clients with mental & emotional challenges recover and reintegrate back into a healthy lifestyle.

What brings joy to Regina is the services she provides for the military. She has been apart of the military community since she was a child because her fathers both served in the Navy. She also travels throughout the United States serving as a facilitator, keynote speaker, and trainer for the military addressing re-integration deployment issues, emotional wellness and transitioning service members in civilian career life.


She started volunteering with women at homeless shelters in 2011, providing personal and emotional growth workshops and life coaching services. 

She is the proud mom of one daughter, Olivia. Her daughter is the founder of the non-profit, Transforming Lives Outreach with Love, Inc, serving young girls and women in shelters and underserved communities. Services provided are our annual cultural activities: Olivia’s Annual Tea Party, “Putting Your Finger on Your Ouch workshops, and life coaching services.