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  • 1 hour
  • Online, In-Person

Service Description

If you have a low income and can’t afford this rate, please reach out to me, providing some details about your situation and the challenge you are facing. The Coaching Process Structure Evaluating the challenge – What would be the most effective aspect to work on today? Setting a goal for the session – What would be the ideal outcome after this session? Exploring – We explore your challenge together. Especially what is going on inside of you on an internal level. Uncovering internal patterns – We look more specific on your inner world and uncover patterns together. On Track Check – While a session we check-in with our goals and make sure we are still on track. Changing patterns – I offer you different interventions and techniques on how to change the patterns. Ankering Changes – We anker the changes to making it last. Evaluating Session – We evaluate our session and if we reached our goals. Profound knowledge about typical inner patterns and how to bring them from the unconscious to the conscious. Many ideas and a toolbox full of interventions to create change. But everything should just be an offer, and you as my client should decide which path to go. I see myself as a guide at your side. I, as a coach, I can express recommendations, offers, concerns, dilemma, doubts, and sometimes my experiences as a coach about what can be helpful and what not. But the ultimate decision, as well as commitment, should be taken by you, the client. Are unhappy with your current situation in life Don’t follow through on things you actually would like to do Are unhappy in your relationship (a shift in you has the power to change the whole dynamic in a relationship) Feel strong emotions and you feel you can’t control them Behave/react in a certain way (in specific situations) and if you don’t like this behavior/reaction Feel stuck in life Crave for lasting change in your life Consume a lot of personal development content but you don’t apply what you have learned You are happy with your progress in self-development but you crave the next level

Cancelation Policy

To cancel or reschedule please contact 24 hours in advance.

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